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March 5, 2024

Top 3 Gifting Categories for 2024: Health and Wellness, Tech and B Corp Certified Brands 

Corporate Gifting Categories

To round out our corporate gifting trends for 2024, we want to talk about the three gift categories we are expecting to see the most of this year: gifts centered around health and wellness, technology specifically for travel, and products from B Corp Certified brands. For each of their reasons, luxury corporate gifts in these categories are popular among recipients and, when chosen intentionally, can almost always guarantee a positive reception.

Health and Wellness Gifts

The popularity for gifts in the health and wellness category is growing rapidly. As more and more companies shift their culture and values to encourage self-care among their team members, employee gifts that center around this category can support those new values and make employees feel like the company truly wants what is best for them. The range of gifts in this category is broad, as there are so many types of health to consider, including gifts that give back to mental health. But that also means companies can choose a gift better suited to their unique employees. 

Tech Gifts for Travel

Tech gifts are also a top choice for gifting, largely in part for how well they can complement an employee incentive travel program. Gifting a portable charger, headphones or an Air Tag via a pre-trip gift is often positively received as employees are easily able to recognize the intention that came with choosing a gift they would soon find useful. It also generates excitement for upcoming incentive travel, while providing them with something they will still be able to enjoy once the trip has ended.

B Corp Certified Gifts

B Corp certified brands are companies that meet strict standards set by the B Corps, which ensure the company is committed to positive social and environmental impact. In order to become certified, brands must pass a performance assessment, make a legal commitment and exhibit transparency. As more and more people push for their workplaces to adhere to strong values like those at B Corps, utilizing certified brands for sustainable gift gifting options can prove to employees that those values are an important part of their company. Supporting other brands that are committed to making a positive impact shows that the values of a company are more than just empty promises.

Which Gifting Category Will You Choose?

While each of these types of gifts is popular for good reason, it is still important to consider which type is best suited to your recipients. The gifting experts at Global Evento are well-versed in each of these categories and ready to help you determine what the perfect gift is for your clients!