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Corporate Event Gifting

A corporate event detail not to be overlooked is gifting.

The difference between a corporate event your guests can vaguely recall and a corporate event that reminds guests they are deeply valued.

The details and the thoughtful planning elevate a luxury corporate event to strengthen business relationships.

An event detail not to be overlooked is gifting. Global Evento works with luxury U.S. and international brands to generate corporate event gifting packages that leave a lasting impression.

Every Global Evento gifting experience starts with a free consultation, where we discuss your goals, employees or clientele, and budget. From there, we create a custom package based on your needs.

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Event Gifting Portfolio

Bringing People Together

Our client needed to bring together and recognize their top 50 brokers safely. Aspen, Colorado, was a natural choice for an outdoor healthy venue that was still luxurious. Global Evento helped with the build out of a “Classic Aspen Afternoon” that included food, spa services, and craft cocktails – a private, Aspen Food & Wine Festival, if you will. The customized gifts of Le Creuset, basket of spa products, and custom rawhide koozies ensured the experience was extended long after the experience.

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Event Objective

Bring together and recognize top 50 brokers for the first time after a long time apart.

Event Solution

Global Evento organized an outdoor gifting suite complete with cooking demonstrations, massages, cocktails, and food.

  • Le Creuset Cookware shipped after the program
  • Personalized basket of spa products for each guest
  • Customized Rawhide Koozies to keep those craft cocktails cold

Make corporate event gift giving easy.

Our team ensures you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your event gifting goals.

Setup a Gift Planning Call and Consult with Our Expert Gift Givers

Review Our Custom
Gift-Giving Options Proposal

Choose the Perfect Gift(s) and Relax While Global Evento Does All the Work

Types of Corporate Events for Gifting

A sample of the events our corporate gift giving services have enhanced include:

  • Company retreats
  • Networking events
  • Recognition parties
  • Corporate holiday parties
  • Galas
  • Board meetings
  • Company happy hours

Global Evento has also helped companies celebrate milestones, commemorate employees’ accomplishments and our corporate event list only continues to grow. From five to 5,000, we will work with any size group.

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Onsite Event Gifting Services

Global Evento perfects onsite event gifting by offering more collaborative experiences. Allow your guests the opportunity to browse, select and create alongside our globally recognized brands.

The keys to memorable corporate gifting are personalization and thoughtfulness, both of which are achieved through onsite gifting. Our talented gifting experts manage the entire scope of the project from concept to guiding guests through the experience.

Utilizing Global Evento as your corporate gifting concierge will save you time and money. Our team reviews your goals to develop a unique plan to execute with precision.

Global Evento’s comprehensive services include:

  • Handling the procurement of the luxury gifts
  • Properly packaging the items
  • Printing your company message on quality stationary
  • Shipping the corporate gifts

If the chosen luxury gifts are small in size and easy to carry, Global Evento will bring plenty of extras to the event location so everyone can leave with their new gesture in hand.

However, it is not often practical for your business attendees to fit their new gifts into their luggage. Without a backup plan in place, their luxury event takeaway can become a hassle. That is why Global Evento provides dropship delivery for gifts to eliminate the stress of:

  • Lack of suitcase place
  • Paying a penalty fee for exceeding airlines’ luggage weight requirements
  • Customs

With more than 50 years of combined work experience in high-end corporate gifting, Global Evento makes the extra effort to ensure your attendees view their gift as a blessing, not a burden.

When the chosen luxury products are larger, heavy or the event has an international destination, our team can easily manage all shipping details.

Call 888-803-3117 for a free consultation with a corporate event gifting expert.