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Gifts for Fundraisers & Galas

We curate event door gifts that go well beyond souvenirs.

An event door gift offers a physical reminder that goes home with attendees.

At Global Evento, we make sure that gift comes from a high-end brand that shows attendees how deeply they are valued.

At Global Evento, we curate event door gifts that go well beyond souvenirs. Global Evento offers luxury gift programs for fundraising events and galas, both small and large. A gift bag filled with items from memorable brands like Bose, Filson, or YETI offers a tangible connection to the event. In some cases, the bag itself could be the event gift, especially if it comes from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, or Oliver Thomas. The product and brand quality reflect the value you put on your attendees.

Our connections to hundreds of in-demand name brand products give you access to options you may not have known would fit in your budget. We provide access, guide you through the selection process, and handle the logistics and fulfillment. You get to focus on your event.

Every Global Evento gifting experience starts with a free consultation, where we discuss your goals and budget. From there, we create a custom package based on your needs.

Maintaining strong business relationships is an essential part of customer retention. Through personalized gestures of gratitude, Global Evento identifies meaningful channels for corporations to help retain close business connections.

Call 888-803-3117 for a free consultation with a corporate gifting expert.

Fundraiser and Gala Giveaway Portfolio

Custom Cookies

Live ZOOM Awards Dinner in need of celebrating the accomplishments of all employees.

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Event Objective

Create a virtual awards dinner to make the employees feel as if they didn’t miss out on the annual dinner.

Event Solution

Global Evento created custom cookies to look like the award medal.

  • Custom craft sugar cookies.

Make corporate gift giving easy.

Our team ensures you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your event gifting goals.

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