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Client Gifts

Improve client retention with gifts they actually want.

Show appreciation for your reliable and loyal clients with unique corporate gifts.

Let your clients know that their business is important to you and you’re thinking of them.

Every client on your corporate gift list will feel treasured with a thoughtful and unique present just for them. From exclusive food baskets to personalized household gifts, maintain strong relationships with your best clients by sending them the perfect gifts. 

Nurturing business partnerships and customer loyalty year after year requires standout service. But what is stopping your customers from switching to your competitor’s quality program?

Maintaining strong business relationships is an essential part of customer retention. Through personalized gestures of gratitude, Global Evento identifies meaningful channels for corporations to help retain close business connections.

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Client Gift Portfolio

Recruit New Clients

A recognized event chef and well-known sommelier/vintner co-hosted the event with one of the firm’s advisors. Each invitee was sent two boxes. One contained the wine elements, and the other contained food elements including locally-sourced steak, charcuterie items, and chocolate tortes. Chef and sommelier led the class offering cooking and tasting instructions, took questions as they went, and stayed on for dinner to interact with guests. Each guest prepared their own meal and prepped their wine for tasting.

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Event Objective

Recruit new clients and show appreciation for customers within a targeted investment range.

Event Solution

Virtual cooking and wine-tasting class followed by dinner (fruits of their labor).

  • Two bottles of wine
  • Wine decanter
  • Ingredients for a four-course meal
  • Lodge iron skillet

Make client appreciation easy.

Our team ensures you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your gifting goals.

Setup a Gift Planning Call and Consult with Our Expert Gift Givers

Review Our Custom
Gift-Giving Options Proposal

Choose the Perfect Gift(s) and Relax While Global Evento Does All the Work

Selecting High-end Client Gifts

Picking out the right gift to send your message of appreciation for each client can be tedious and costly. Finding the most popular and well-received gifts can be a challenge for anyone with ever-changing gifting trends and countless options to choose from, but Global Evento makes corporate gifting easy. Save time and money and let us take over the task of finding every client on your list the perfect and most unique present. 

With over 50 years of experience, our dedicated team knows the ins and outs of corporate gifting and will take care of your specific needs. We will find the most unique gifts for your clients while still providing high-quality and popular items.

At Global Evento, we partner with dependable brands and analyze current trends to make sure we are providing the highest-quality, and most sought after products. Make every client on your corporate gift list happy with the most popular stylish gifts. Our extensive customer product portfolio allows you to share custom and impactful gifting that helps to retain and build confidence with your clients.

Client Gifting Planning

Every Global Evento gifting experience starts with a free consultation, where we discuss your goals, clientele and budget. From there, we create a custom package based on your needs. It could be setting up a virtual gifting experience or procuring, wrapping, and shipping your corporate gifts directly.

Call 888-803-3117 or email Global Evento for a free consultation with a corporate gifting consultant to discuss your gift ideas and how we can make them a reality.