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Corporate Gifts for Employee Appreciation

Show your employees you value their hard work.

Don’t let your employees feel unnoticed and unappreciated.

Choose high-quality unique gifts to show your employees how much you value their hard work.

From custom gift boxes to employee travel incentives, every dedicated employee deserves a thoughtful gift. The days of giving every employee the same unoriginal and forgettable gift are over. Make a lasting impression with luxury corporate gifts that are sure to leave a smile on everyone’s faces. 

Finding the perfect gift for every employee on your corporate gift list can be intimidating and time-consuming. With so many options to choose from and constantly changing trends, it’s hard to know which gifts are going to be successful. At Global Evento, our qualified team of gifting experts will work with you to take care of all your business gifting needs and make sure your employees are excited about their gifts. We will hand-pick the gifts for your employees that they’re sure to love, fitting within your gifting budget while still sending a message of appreciation

With over 50 years of experience, the Global Evento team of corporate gift consultants knows how to select the best gifts for your employees. We do all the hard work for you – analyzing trends and collecting data on gifts to pick just the right present for each individual.

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Employee Gift Portfolio

Bringing People Together

Our client needed to bring together and recognize their top 50 brokers safely. Aspen, Colorado, was a natural choice for an outdoor healthy venue that was still luxurious. Global Evento helped with the build out of a “Classic Aspen Afternoon” that included food, spa services, and craft cocktails – a private, Aspen Food & Wine Festival, if you will. The customized gifts of Le Creuset, basket of spa products, and custom rawhide koozies ensured the experience was extended long after the experience.

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Event Objective

Bring together and recognize top 50 brokers for the first time after a long time apart.

Event Solution

Global Evento organized an outdoor gifting suite complete with cooking demonstrations, massages, cocktails, and food.

  • Le Creuset Cookware shipped after the program
  • Personalized basket of spa products for each guest
  • Customized Rawhide Koozies to keep those craft cocktails cold

Employee gift giving made easy.

Our corporate gift consultants ensure you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your event gifting goals.

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Review Our Custom
Gift-Giving Options Proposal

Choose the Perfect Gift(s) and Relax While Global Evento Does All the Work