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March 5, 2024

No-Gos for Your Logo in Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting Logo

In the corporate gifting world, people love to add a logo. Whether the gift is worth $5 or $500, one of the most common questions asked by clients is if the gift can be customized to match their company’s branding. 

Sometimes adding a logo can truly elevate a gift and make it that much more meaningful for recipients. As an added bonus, it might even act as free publicity for your brand. In other cases, a logo can be detrimental to a gift. Oftentimes, how the logo is used is the deciding factor on whether or not it is beneficial to the gift. 

With 2024 now in full swing and requests for customized gifts flooding in, we wanted to take the time to offer our professional advice on how logos should be used when it comes to corporate gifting. 

3 Questions to Ask about Branded Gifts

#1. What branded gift will you choose? 

First and foremost, be careful when choosing what object a logo goes on. Some gifts are better suited than others. You should take into account whether the object is something employees would want if it was branded. A mug with the company logo could be useful for their daily coffee, but would they want a branded beach towel that reminds them of work while on a vacation? 

We want to make sure employees will use the gift and not immediately throw it out or donate it because they are hesitant to use something branded. You should also consider if the object has any association with your company. It might be weird for recipients to receive a tech gift with a food company’s logo on it. 

#2. Where will your logo go?

It is also important to consider where your logo goes on the designated object. For example, if you want your logo on a shoe, putting it on the bottom of the shoe might not be the best option. Having someone step in the wrong spot could leave an imprint of your logo in a less-than-desirable area, providing the type of publicity your company likely does not want.

#3. How do you want the high end branded gift to look?

Once an item has been chosen and the logo’s placement determined, you’ll have to consider production methods and styles. Will the full color logo show up well on the branded gift, or should a monotone version be used? Is embroidery or screen printing better on the fabric of the apparel? How much space should the logo take up on the product? 
Carefully choosing how the products will be branded ensures the item is still high quality and valuable to recipients. The last thing you want is to spend time finding a luxury corporate gift and then having it arrive with the logo hard to see or an awkward size. 

You can have a luxury corporate gift with a logo.

When it comes to using a company logo, just remember to be intentional with the branding and employees will be sure to love their gift. For more advice on how to be successful with branded items for your specific company, reach out to one of our corporate gifting experts today for a free consultation!