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Global Evento
February 6, 2024

Gifting with Intention

Incentive Gifts For Employees

One of the biggest, and arguably most impactful, trends expected for corporate gifting in 2024 is an increasing focus on personalized gifts that are chosen intentionally.

When we say “personalized,” we don’t necessarily mean gifts customized with the recipient’s monogram or a company logo added. While those branded corporate gifts can be fun and appreciated by employees, the growing push for personalization comes earlier in the gifting process when choosing what gift to give. Just like personal gifts, the best corporate gifts should be tailored to the recipient and their individual wants or needs. 

Each company has a unique group of employees. Knowing your demographic is vital to ensuring the gift you choose to give them is one that truly makes them feel seen. The age, gender, location and more of your workforce will all impact what type of gift they would prefer. Choosing a gift for your workforce that reflects their interests shows them that the gift giving was intentional. It proves the gifting was not just a box that got checked off but a meaningful expression of your appreciation for their hard work. Successfully showing employees that they are valued with employee appreciation gifts will then incentivize them to continue their hard work and have a positive impact in every area of your business. 

One way to meet these needs is to provide choices for your employees. Hosting an onsite gifting experience or utilizing one of our gifting websites will allow your recipients to choose the gift that is best suited to them. As an added bonus, offering options allows you to intentionally include more of your workforce in the gifting process. The chance of one gift being well-suited for an entire team of people are slim, so choices help to bridge that gap. If you have an employee incentive travel program, you can also elevate the experience with pre-trip, arrival and post-trip gifts. 

Global Evento’s team of gifting experts can help you determine what gifts would be best for your team. To learn more about how we can help, reach out for a free consultation!