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Gifting Concierge

The perfect experience  — from start to finish.

Deliver the WOW.

Like the Concierge at a great hotel, our team works to curate experiences, memories and once in a lifetime moments but, through gifting.

We know more than the languages, hottest places and best-kept secrets of the gifting industry. We can perfectly match products to unique partners, clients and employee groups.

The Global Evento Gifting Concierge model allows our team to get to know our clients and their recipients. In the same way that not every restaurant is perfect for every dinner, every gift isn’t perfect for every situation, budget or recipient group. However, we know what’s new. We know what’s worked with similar clients.

Additionally, for those truly VIP programs we can schedule individual consultations with your recipients. With the right budget and a little time, we can create individual gift experiences that are one of a kind.

Our luxury gift concierge model didn’t stem from us wanting to give people “cool things.”

It started by seeing gaps in the gifting industry.

Gifting was often an afterthought, heaped into the end with what was leftover in the budget — typically, trinkets and trash. If we were going to change the market, we needed a whole new way of looking at gifting.

Custom luxury gift giving services.

Nurturing new or existing business relationships as well as cultivating a motivated and caring work environment for employees is vital to running an efficient organization. Done correctly, showing personalized appreciation can provide a high return-on-investment by tightening your company’s network connections and boosting office morale to lead to more and continuous business opportunities.

At Global Evento, we mastered the art form of gift giving with unparalleled creativity, execution and logistics. Our experiences deliver unique high-end corporate gifts across the country and around the world. We save you time, money and all the effort it takes to find a thoughtful gift that stuns customers, employees, VIPs and guests.

What is a gifting concierge?

Selecting a personal gifting concierge ensures you get the most value and the right corporate gifting solution for your needs. At the end of the day…we’re service people. Similar to a hotel concierge, we know more than the languages, hottest places and best-kept secrets of the gifting industry. We also know how to perfectly match products to unique partners, clients and employee groups.

Customers, colleagues and channel partners are critical to a business’ success. When you require something special to demonstrate how valuable they are, Global Evento is ready to create the perfect luxury gift package.

 Timeless and upscale brands.

Global Evento partners with luxury brands worldwide to provide remarkable custom gift giving services. As a high-end corporate gift company, our international network allows us to continually select and prepare packages with the latest, sought-after trends. We also work as a certified giving supplier for premier U.S. and international brands that maintain a strong give-back and sustainability focus. These brands pour innovation, style and craftsmanship into tech, travel, household and apparel and accessory gift options. Our brand portfolio is vast and ever-expanding as we scan the Earth to find the latest upscale gifting options.

Make corporate gift giving easy.

Our team ensures you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your holistic gifting goals.

Setup a Gift Planning Call and Consult with Our Expert Gift Givers

Review Our Custom
Gift-Giving Options Proposal

Choose the Perfect Gift(s) and Relax While Global Evento Does All the Work