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December 12, 2023

How To Incorporate Gifting Into Your Employee Incentive Travel Program

Global Evento Employee Incentive Travel Gifting Program

Employee incentive programs are a way for employers to recognize their team and show their employees appreciation for the hard work done over the last year. Incentive programs are results-driven and they can make your employees feel valued and motivated. 

With something that seemingly motivates the company to “win,” why do some employee incentive programs fail? Common pitfalls are focusing on cash recognition or not considering what employees actually want. A report on employee incentive gifting by Incentive Research Foundation found 50% of respondents saw a higher value in non-cash incentives because of inflation. Simply put: Your employees work hard, and they deserve more than a gift card. 

Travel programs are one of the most successful options for incentive programs and are becoming increasingly popular for companies and employees in many sectors. An annual vacation or once-in-a-lifetime trip can be a boon to morale and employees feeling appreciated, but to truly go above and beyond for your employees, consider a travel program with tailored luxury incentive gifts from start to finish. 

Adding a gifting aspect to a travel program can put a fresh spin on an annual trip or help make a new program stand out. With multiple types of gifting options available as well, it is easy to choose the one best suited to your company.

Five Touch Points of Incentive Travel Gifting: 

#1. Pre-Travel Gift Packages

Your team has received the news they’re going on this year’s company incentive trip. Now is the time to generate excitement and get them thinking about their destination! 

A custom-designed gift box filled with travel-related items like luxury eye masks, noise-canceling headphones and comfy wraps starts the experience off right and creates anticipation for the destination.

#2. Arrival Gifts

When your employees arrive onsite, greet them with destination-relevant items they’ll be able to use over the course of the trip. For example, if you’re on the beach fill a beach bag with sunblock, a hat from a local merchandiser and other items tailored to the trip’s itinerary. The goal? Maximize enjoyment from day one. 

You can also elevate the experience with a personalized gift for each employee. For example, the trip’s registration form could collect each person’s favorite beverage which can be conveniently chilled and ready to drink when they walk into their hotel room.

#3. Onsite Gifting Suite

Interactive, onsite gift experiences are the climax of the trip, taking the experience from great to memorable. 

Gifting suites, comparable to a store, hand your recipients the power of choice with thoughtfully curated gifts. Incentive gifts for employees at this stage may include choices for all interests and price points. This includes high-end luggage and backpacks, cozy robes, custom shoes, leather goods and handcrafted items made in your travel locale. 

If everyone isn’t able to attend the incentive travel trip, gifting websites are a perfect way to still make those joining virtually feel special. 

#4. Departure Gift

Extend the goodwill from your trip by offering a unique keepsake — something that reminds your employees of their experience and that reinforces your appreciation. For example, you can provide a framed picture or custom art piece. 

Post-trip gifts can also tease the next trip. An elegant coffee table book with gorgeous photos can serve as a motivator for performance and attendance, or a vial of sand can hint at next year’s beach trip without revealing the official location!

Strategically Plan Your Next Corporate Incentive Gift

An incentive program is only as effective as its design. Luxury, deliberate gifting adds impact to any corporate incentive gifting program. It taps into our intrinsic nature to receive awards and praise for our work, while providing something tangible to show others for their effort. 

Are you ready to create an employee incentive program that works? Global Evento’s incentive gifting program services can help your company celebrate your staff’s milestone experiences in a whole new way. Schedule a free discovery consultation today with one of our incentive gifting specialists.