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Sponsor Appreciation Gifts

Sponsors deserve more than a “Thank You”.

Sponsors play a vital role in the funding and success of events.

Your event sponsor gift should communicate the importance of that role and their value to your event.

Global Evento provides upscale gifting services, gaining you access to luxury gifts from highly sought-after brands. We develop gift programs that fit your event and budget. 

You can provide sponsors with an immersive brand experience, where they can select a gift from Bose, Filson, Patagonia, or one of our other brand partners. We can create onsite or virtual interactive experiences with a single brand or multiple brands based on the custom gift catalog we curate for you. 

Sponsors deserve more than a “Thank you.” That’s why with Global Evento you can offer access to in-demand products from the tech, travel, food, and apparel industries. We can even arrange for eco-friendly or sustainable gift options based on the event and sponsor demographics.

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Cruise Award Gifts

Our client needed gifts to have at 4 Cruise Awards Dinners to give out to their top travel agents. Global Evento wanted to make sure our client’s gift was the best at the table to show their elevated brand over other competitors. Our client was ecstatic with our customized solution for their budget and goal.

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Event Objective

Be top of mind at the Cruise Awards.

Event Solution

Create a custom box with a travel related gift that helps those on the go keep everything organized.

  • 3 embossed branded navy cord wraps
  • an embossed branded tech case
  • gifts wrapped in tissue paper with a note card in a customized box

Select the perfect event sponsor appreciation gift.

Our team ensures you receive the strongest solution
at the best value for all of your event gifting goals.

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Choose the Perfect Gift(s) and Relax While Global Evento Does All the Work