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Global Evento
August 31, 2017

Des Moines Ice Cream Social

Onsite gift experience at Des Moines

The Global Evento Road Trip continues!

We missed the Iowa State Fair by only 4 days! If you haven’t been it is a must see. However, you might want to skip election years as you know! The main attractions are looking for votes not fried Oreos.

While we missed the fair, we wanted to bring everyone together. So hosted the Global Evento Ice Cream Social. Between Bomb Pops and Ice Cream Sandwiches we introduced our approach to event sourcing and gifting.

Thanks to everyone that came out to learn more about Global Evento.  For our friends that we missed we’ll catch you next time.

Now off to the Chicago Planitarium!

Did you know: The butter cow, has been an Iowa State Fair staple since 1911!