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Global Evento
September 11, 2018

Did You Know? Holiday Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gifts for Clients

Did you know?

1.  Gift giving is stressful work. The majority (36.7%) of people surveyed actually find the pressure of finding the right gift a little time consuming.

2.  A surprising 11% of men skip buying gifts altogether because of stress related procrastinating. That’s sad and Global Evento can help!

3.  No one really wants a gift related to their work. Well, almost no one. 0.06% of people asked actually want you to get a gift that reflects their profession so steer clear if you want to give a stellar gift.

4.  Grandparents are the new big spenders, but grandpas need to brush up on their shopping skills. Sorry Grandpa, grandfathers are least likely to give the best gift of the season. 0.17% of respondents named their grandfather as most likely to give the best gift. They were at the bottom of the list, even below co-workers. The good news is that it’s only up from here!

Contact Global Evento to learn more about how we can help make your holiday gifting experience  a memorable one.