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Gifting with Intention

One of the biggest, and arguably most impactful, trends expected for corporate gifting in 2024 is an increasing focus on personalized gifts that are chosen intentionally. When we say “personalized,” we don’t necessarily mean gifts customized with the recipient’s monogram or a company logo added. While those branded corporate gifts can be fun and appreciatedContinue reading “Gifting with Intention”

Global Evento’s 2024 Corporate Gifting Trends and Predictions

As we kick off 2024 here at Global Evento, we’ve been looking to determine what this year will hold for the gifting industry. We know just how vital it is for a gifting company to stay up-to-date on trends and to be able to predict what gifts will make employees feel the most seen andContinue reading “Global Evento’s 2024 Corporate Gifting Trends and Predictions”