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Global Evento
September 1, 2017

Air Miles vs. Road Miles

Global Evento Trip to Philadelphia Event Gifting Experience

The Global Evento team finished the first third of our Airstream road trip in Philadelphia today, visiting with clients and eating cheesesteaks at Wawa before heading home to spend time with family and friends for the holiday weekend.  The Airstream is getting a well deserved break before we head out on the road again on September 5th.

Today I also achieved a personal milestone by flying my one millionth air mile.  1,000,085 miles to be exact.  Most of this travel in my seventeen years in the hospitality industry has been flying to see clients.  In a digital society, we sometimes forget there is an actual person behind the messages we get on our computers. We must make the extra effort to see each other face to face and shake a hand.  By the warm reception we have received so far on our road trip, I think the Airstream might actually have the edge over a United Airlines plane! Relationship building, mutual trust and respect conveys to our customers that we will always be there for them…and you can’t build that over the phone or via email.  You need to “break bread,” or in our case eat ice cream in a parking lot together!

During our visits we have been able to brainstorm new ideas, showcasing to our clients that Global Evento is creative and thinks outside the box with event sourcing and gifting solutions.  Showing up in the Global Evento Airstream sets the tone for what kind of partners we are going to be.

On behalf of Patrick and myself, we would like to thank all of our friends in St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Chicago, Boston, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia for welcoming us with open arms to their offices as we showcase Global Evento to the world!