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Global Evento Executive Gifting Success Stories


Groovy Holiday Gifting

Our client in the financial industry wanted to recognize one of their division’s top 200 clients for a strong year of hard work. Global Evento prepared a customized gift package tailored to the client’s theme: “Have a Groovy Year.” The gifts had a retro flair and included a Victrola record player, a coffee table book and a vinyl album of the leadership team’s favorite songs. Recipients shared nostalgic memories with their grandkids, while others jump-started their record collection. That’s the sweet sound of a lasting impression!

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Event Objective

Acknowledge top clients with a memorable holiday gift.

Event Solution

Create a fully customized gift for 200 clients that ties into the theme of the year.

  • Victrola Suitcase Record Player with Bluetooth
  • Custom vinyl record with executive team’s favorite songs, including custom designed graphics on the album sleeve
  • “1000 Record Covers” coffee table book
  • Personalized thank-you card

Recruit New Clients

A recognized event chef and well-known sommelier/vintner co-hosted the event with one of the firm’s advisors. Each invitee was sent two boxes. One contained the wine elements, and the other contained food elements including locally-sourced steak, charcuterie items, and chocolate tortes. Chef and sommelier led the class offering cooking and tasting instructions, took questions as they went, and stayed on for dinner to interact with guests. Each guest prepared their own meal and prepped their wine for tasting.

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Event Objective

Recruit new clients and show appreciation for customers within a targeted investment range.

Event Solution

Virtual cooking and wine-tasting class followed by dinner (fruits of their labor).

  • Two bottles of wine
  • Wine decanter
  • Ingredients for a four-course meal
  • Lodge iron skillet