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Sara Cope


With more than five years of experience in the corporate events world, Sara has learned the importance of being an expert communicator and a strong collaborator. Before joining Global Evento as an Operations Coordinator, she managed events for major tech companies, such as Google, Stripe and Meta, where she continually refined her skills to deliver exceptional results. Her professional experience, customer service background and industry know-how are a welcome addition to our team!

Sara’s favorite aspect about working at Global Evento is being part of a close-knit team, where everyone is always willing to offer a helping hand. 

Her famous party trick is that she can identify every country in the world on a map! In her downtime, Sara also enjoys reading, discovering new music, and watching the latest horror movies. She is a huge cat person (despite being allergic to animals with hair) and loves to spend time with her two cats, Simon and Poppy.