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Patrick Corley from Global Evento

Patrick Corley


PATRICK WAS FIRST INTRODUCED TO the hospitality industry as a 5-year-old, thanks to his family’s business. He eventually worked his way up to Account Executive at Maritz Global Events, where he gained valuable experience in all aspects of event services.

While at Maritz, Patrick saw an opportunity to improve the gifting solutions for client programs. He believed gifting could be a more impactful part of each program, because these mementos live on after an event or initiative ends. One of Patrick’s favorite Global Evento gifting projects was the Build-A-Bear program, where each guest designed a bear, provided a special message and donated the bear to a children’s charity.

From being a fisherman in Alaska to a professor in Spain and a nine-time Running of the Bulls participant, Patrick finds new, exciting opportunities no matter where in the world he is located.