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Karla Gonzalez-Kuehler - Corporate gifting expert at Global Evento

Karla Gonzalez-Kuehler


WHILE GROWING UP IN THE MILITARY, Karla developed a love for travel and a natural ability to respond to quick and frequent changes. Karla’s flexibility and exceptional leadership skills from her role as an Onsite Travel Director and Resource Manager at Maritz helps her excel at Global Evento.

Karla enjoys Global Evento’s role in rewarding people for their hard work. At Global Evento, Karla provides operational excellence, assists in growing our team and determines opportunities to cross-utilize talent throughout the organization. 

Karla loves working and exercising with her teammates, as well as spending time with her vivacious children, Sebastian and Elianna. When Karla and her spouse retire, they plan to rent a luxury RV and travel the U.S.