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The same gift might not have the same impact on every individual of your recipient group. While some members will be wowed, others may feel the gesture lacks personalization or authenticity. More than ever, the gift of choice, having options, is a present in itself.

Global Evento, a luxury corporate gifting concierge, holds the optimal and cost-effective solution. Each of your team of employees, VIPs and colleagues can browse through hundreds of designer tech, household, travel, accessories and apparel gifts with their own Global Evento gift galleries.

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As your gift recipients scan through premier brand name products our staff will:

  • Guide individual guests through each item
  • Lead product demonstrations
  • Provide quick responses to narrow down their gifts of choice

Unique Corporate Event Gifting Experiences

Easily add gift galleries to the next corporate trip on the calendar. Event gifting experiences provide unparalleled selection and become a great conversation piece throughout your entire event. Everyone will be discussing what they saw and what they chose.

Another advantage of the Global Evento gift gallery service includes post-event shipment. We carefully mail all your event attendees’ gifts to eliminate the stress of having to carry one more thing home.

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