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Part of planning a business event is looking for ways to ensure the event is memorable. Every event manager wants their attendees to have their business on their minds long after they leave the event. One great way to ensure your event makes an impact is to give business event gifts with the wow factor. Your attendees will leave your event with an item they can use in their everyday lives, and that will serve as a reminder of your company and brand for years to come.  

Of course, if you want an item to last for years to come, you’ll need to select a high-quality gift from a brand you can trust. That’s why brands that care about powerful impressions work with Global Evento. We’re a certified gifting supplier. We partner with top brands around the country and around the globe to provide the very best in business event gifting. The items we offer are stylish and built to last. They come from brands you already know and trust, so you can feel confident that your event attendees are receiving gifts they’ll enjoy and use.

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Popular Business Event Selections

Our portfolio features a wide array of luxury gifting items. We’re always adding new brands and new items, so you can count on us to have the latest in amazing business event gifts. We’ve got what you need to make your event and your brand stand out. From apparel and accessories to tech and home items, to travel and athletic gifts, our portfolio has something for every event. Popular selections include:


Bose-SoundLink® Micro Bluetooth® Speaker


Fossil Logan RFID Zip Around Clutch Brown

Golf Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf Club Travel Cover


Swarovski Business Card Holder



John Hardy

John Hardy Bamboo Silver Bracelet


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

Portable Alexa

Portable Alexa Voice-Controlled Wireless Speaker

How to Select the Perfect business event gifts on Behalf of Your Company

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Make it Custom: Custom business event gifts  options

Provide an Experience: Scaling Thoughtful  business event gifts with a Website

Business Event Gifting FAQs

We’ll help you plan the perfect gift experience at your event. We can match you with the gifts that deliver a message and help to promote your business. Every item we carry will make for a thoughtful and unique gift.  For an extra memorable event, we can do more than provide gifts. We’ll set up an interactive gifting experience at your event. Attendees will be able to see their gifts and even try them out before they pick out their own to take home.

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Yes. We can help with your international business event. In fact, half of our gifting packages are created for international events. That means you can count on us to know how to handle every detail. We even handle the presentation of your gifts if you won’t be attending international business events yourself. We’ll make sure everything runs smooth, from customs declarations to international shipping.If you’re concerned about the additional cost of gifting at an international event, selecting gifts from some of our international brands can help you save on customs and shipping.

Not everyone you hoped to each will be able to attend your business event. That’s why a virtual business gifting site is a smart idea. Global Evento can create a customized site for your event. We’ll add the gifts you’ve selected to the site, and anyone who wasn’t able to attend your event can choose their own gift from the site. Virtual gift experiences also make great standalone experiences and excellent complements for remote conferences and events.

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