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Luxury corporate gifts for clients and employees go beyond travel incentives. A noisy jumble of marketing messages inundates your potential and current clients. A one-size-fits-all gift won’t break through the noise and grab their attention and loyalty. Luxury gifts set your company apart from distractions, real and virtual. Change your customer service to go above and beyond.

At Global Evento, we work with you to customize your gift to make it feel personable and luxurious. You can mold the gifting experience to fit your recipient’s demographics, company culture or mission, and individual personalities. Each lavish, upscale gift helps you create an experience and touchpoint tailored to your clients and highlights your company.

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Luxurious Corporate Gifting Ideas

A state of comfort and extravagance defines luxury. With that in mind, our most popular corporate gifts come from a wide range of industries. Work with our luxury gifting team to design the package, tighten up the messaging, and to add something extra. We’ll help you deliver these gifts locally, internationally, or via our customized virtual broadcasting experience.

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The North Face

ECO ThermoBall The North Face Men’s & Women’s




Waterford Markham Square Decanter and Glasses


Swarovski Business Card Holder


UGG Ana Kita Blanket


Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch


Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace


Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Vivofit 4

Vivofit 4

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Betty Stud Earrings

Bangkok, Thailand

Four Night Bangkok Foodie Fest with Airfare


Barbados Five Night Luxury Resort on Platinum Coast with Airfare

How to Select a Premium Corporate Gift

A gift that’s perfect for one client may not be the right choice for another. At Global Evento, we understand the value that choice adds to a gifting experience. We help you curate a gift selection tailored to your clients and fits within your company values. We bring quality brands, add customization, and make it all memorable.

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Start with High Standards: Brands on the Edge of Innovation

Your standards set the tone for your relationship. Use packages and gifts from brands that put quality and innovation behind their name. Whether it’s fashion or high-tech, we work with cutting-edge brands at the forefront of their industries. Bose, YETI, Kate Spade, NIKE, and GoPro are only a few of our favorites for corporate events, pre-travel packages, and luxury gifting.

Make it Custom: Custom Gifting Options

Custom gifting options let you create a unique portfolio selection. Whether you want to create an experience or provide a targeted set of options, we help with the selection so that the gifts fit your company’s mission and goals. At Global Evento, our job is to mirror your recipients’ wants and needs in a euphoric gift.

Provide an Experience: Scaling Luxury Corporate Gifts with a Website

Experiences don’t have to be in-person to be memorable. A custom website lets customers browse at their leisure, allows you to be more targeting with gift options, and offers a less stressful way to provide a premium selection. Alternatively, your company circumstances may call for live gifting experiences through our custom broadcasting sites. Luxury gifting is all we do, so your gifting options are limitless.

Luxury Corporate Gifting FAQs

We work with you to define the demographics, income level, location, and personal interests of your employee or clients. We help you decide on the package that’s right for you and your audience. You get the satisfaction of a unique incentive experience, and we take care of procuring gifts by tapping into our network of luxury brand partnerships. 

Luxury at home offers a great option when travel packages are off the table. Outdoor gear for the adventurous, cookware for the foodies, or sophisticated tech for those on the cutting edge can offer a fulfilling experience close to home. Take note, our travel incentive packages are still very popular. It’s all about the execution. We’ve collected many high-end safe and secluded options for our clients still on the fly.

Our luxury gifts range from high-tech earbuds to fully loaded trips to Cabo San Lucas. You won’t find dollar store prices, but you also won’t be giving dollar store gifts. We offer a wide range of luxury packages that fit your budget. Our relationships with popular brands can save money and give you access to merchandise and experiences your clients can’t find anywhere else. Our services take care of procurement, logistics, and shipping, saving you time, employee hours, and reducing stress (and costs).

When you work with Global Evento, every step of the process is about providing options. Options for you, and options for your clients. Pre-event mailers, care packages, brand experiences, incentive gifts, and holiday gifts are only the beginning. We can also create a custom gift website, where clients can pick from hundreds of high-end gifts.

To kick off your first impression, we work with you on an invitation to your website. . Once they login, they’re taken to a custom and branded website full of luxury items ready to ship. Every inch of browsable space is strategically designed with your company’s goals and mission in mind. From there, the client chooses a gift, and we ship it out for timely arrival. From the moment the gift arrives on their doorstep, it reminds them of you.

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