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January 30, 2023

Top 5 Corporate Gift Trends for 2023

2023 corporate sustainable gifts trends

FINDING A GIFT THAT LEAVES a lasting impression can seem impossible between a never-ending list of brands to choose from and a million different ways you can deliver it.

In 2023, choosing a gift will mean more than selecting the next best thing. Corporations are looking to implement their values in all aspects of business — including corporate gifting. These top 5 new gifting trends will make an impact in more ways than one. 

#1. onsite gifting experiences are back.

The world has officially reopened, and onsite gifting experiences will be the perfect way to welcome your customers, employees, colleagues, and (potential) clients back to business. 

From tradeshows to gift bags to deluxe sporting events, there are plenty of opportunities to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need something that’s more than your stereotypical swag (think notebooks, water bottles, pens) that will probably end up unused and gathering dust, given away or in the trash. 

An interactive experience, an item that’s actually useful, name-brand products … these luxury experience gifts are what will show your guests how deeply they are valued. 

#2: the focus on dei is more than a wish.

Companies are going into 2023 looking for products that meet their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals and initiatives. Employers are wanting to do more than check an item off their to-do list; they want to consciously choose a gift that aligns with their company’s values. 

Gifting DEI products is one way to demonstrate your commitment. By offering items from minority-owned companies, emerging brands and small businesses receive the spotlight — and new fan favorites can be discovered!

#3: companies want to give back.

More and more companies want to give gifts that give back to the community. Recipients are also looking closely into the products they purchase in their own lives and how the brand’s products support causes and charities they care about. Put simply, choosing a gift simply because of its brand name recognition won’t cut it in 2023. Select a corporate gift that gives back.

#4: sustainability is evergreen.

Corporations and individuals alike have prioritized sustainability over the past few years. In fact, a recent study showed that 93% of people surveyed believe sustainability is more important than ever, and 91% of people want to see more accountability from businesses. 

Sustainable gift giving, an emerging gifting industry trend, is a way the corporate world can “walk the talk” and live up to its ethos. Extensive research time should go into checking sustainable gift items to ensure the brands deliver on what they’re saying: 

  • Are they B Corp Certified?
  • How are they limiting their environmental impact in product development? 
  • How do they show their loyalty to sustainable gifting options? 

#5: gifting websites are more budget-friendly.

An impending recession and resources being significantly cut can make it hard to justify a limitless budget for luxury corporate gift experiences. However, there’s a way to show colleagues you care through a luxury gift website. Online gift giving provides endless ideas for a unique way to show your appreciation. Through a genuine, personalized approach, gifting websites are a great way to let your recipients choose their gift while sticking to your budget.

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Ready to incorporate these ideas in your next gifting experience? Schedule a free discovery consultation with a member of the Global Evento team to learn more about how we can help your gifting experience be a memorable (and more sustainable) one.