Board Meeting Gifts

Board Meeting Gifts Worth Remembering

With all that gets accomplished at a board meeting, adding in the fun of gifting can be a highlight. You can turn a standard quarterly board meeting into a small event your board of directors will remember long after it’s over. It’s a great way to show you appreciation for all your board does for your organization. Gifting at a board meeting can also be an amazing way of celebrating a successful quarter or year, or even surprising a board member on a milestone event. 

Global Evento is a certified gifting supplier. That means you can count on us to provide top-of-the-line luxury gifts to your board. We partner with trusted high-end brands across the nation and around the globe to bring the very best in gifting straight to your board room. Every item in our portfolio is a stylish, high-quality way to show your board members how much you appreciate their contributions. We’re proud to partner with brands that offer sustainable gifts and charitable giving, and we know you’ll be proud to present gifts from our brands. 

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Popular Board Meeting Gifts

You can give your board of directors gifts that fit their home and lifestyle. Our unique gifts go beyond the standard for corporate gifts to offer real value that is sure to pleasantly surprise your board members. For example, when you gift with Global Evento, you can upgrade from a classic coffee mug gift to a stylish and high tech Ember mug that will keep their coffee warm all through their busy day. Other popular board meeting gifts include:


Swarovski Business Card Holder


Fossil Logan RFID Zip Around Clutch Brown

Golf Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf Club Travel Cover

Portable Alexa

Portable Alexa Voice Controlled Wireless Speaker

Virtual Gifting Websites

Virtual Gifting Websites

John Hardy

John Hardy Bamboo Silver Bracelet


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

ECO ThermoBall

ECO ThermoBall The North Face Men’s _ Women’s

How to Select the Right Board Meeting Gifts

Top-Quality Brands: Use Only the Best for the Board

Customization: Custom Board Meeting Gift Options

Make It Even Easier: Send Board Members Gifts Using a Website

Board Meeting Gift FAQs

When you contact Global Evento, we’ll match with the perfect gifts for your board of directors. We’ll work with you to create the perfect gifting experience. You can feel confident working with us because our portfolio only contains high-end gifts that are built to last. You’ll know you’re gifting a thoughtful item that your board members can use for years. 

For an extra gifting element, we can create a fully interactive gifting experience. Our getting experience goes beyond presenting gifts to create a truly memorable event.For example, we can turn your board room into a luxury leather boutique with items from  stunning gifts from Laudi Vidni.

Let us know how much you’re looking to spend on your board meeting gifts, and we’ll take it from there. We can make a gifting package that works for your budget and your company. Our board meeting gift options range from luxury interactive events to small tokens of appreciation to your board.   Give us a call at (888) 803-3117 or send us an email   for more information on prices and gift options.

Yes. We’re experts at international gifting. Half of our gifting packages are crafted for international clients, so if you’re looking for international board meeting gifts, you’re in the right place. We’ll handle every detail, from presenting to gifts to your international board, to ensuring gifts make it through customs, to figuring out the cost of international shipping. You can just choose the gifts and leave the rest to us.

You can still give thoughtful gifts if your board of directors has been meeting remotely in the past year. We can create a beautiful customized gifting website for your board. We’ll stock your site with the custom gifts you’ve selected and you board members will be able to choose the exact gift they way from the site.

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