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Global Evento
February 5, 2020

Life at 6,000 Feet

International gift ideas

It is hard to believe that we are already a month into the new decade. The Global Evento team has hit the ground running as we expand our product portfolio and prepare for the upcoming travel.

I have officially been living in Sun Valley, Idaho for about a month now and life sure is interesting at 6,000 feet! Working hard and playing hard, I have been able to participate in lots of skiing (downhill and cross country), outdoor skating, curling and training for another half marathon. The snow this season has made all these activities so much more enjoyable. This is the most snow I’ve seen in a while, and the cold has been an adjustment. With all the elements, I have had to be much more mindful of my wardrobe. Looking around, almost every individual has a pair of Sorel boots. These are a hot commodity not only in this area, but all across the globe for men and women. Being in the middle of winter, we are happy to announce that we now offer a variety of Sorel products for all of your cold weather gifting needs. From boots and slippers to sneakers and wedges, there is a shoe that fits your style and needs.

Being from Ohio, I have never lived in the altitude and I have learned it really does sneak up on you. My awareness of the altitude has made me really had to up my water intake! The need for extra hydration has inspired one of our other new products for 2020, the Berkey Water Filter! Berkey water filter systems are actually water purifiers because they remove bacteria and viruses that conventional filters cannot. Finished in a beautiful high polish stainless steel, the Berkey also add a chic addition to any kitchen or living space.

Next month we kick off a busy stretch of traveling to multiple events and we are so excited. With all the travel, it is important to have essentials such as a great suitcase or duffle, and a backpack or bag to hold your most important valuables! Keeping on our goal of incorporating a wider collection of sustainable companies, Global Evento is delighted to announce that we now offer products by Nordace and Bellroy. Nordace is a company that uses vegan leather to create functional and sleek smart backpacks to keep you connected and organized while on the road or wherever your travels may take you. Bellroy is an Australian based, certified B Corp that also offers beautiful travel accessories, many of which provide RFID protection and are created from some of the finest and highest standard of leather.

For more information on B Corps, click on the link here:

We look forward to checking in after spending some time in sunny San Diego and Miami!

We wish you a great start to February and hope you contact Global Evento to learn more about how we can help your gifting experience be a memorable (and more sustainable) one.

The Berkey Water Filter 

One of Nordace’s Smart Backpacks

Examples of Men and Women’s Sorel’s (Not just snow boots!)