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Sponsors play a vital role in the funding and success of events. Your event sponsor gift should communicate the importance of that role and their value to your event. Global Evento provides upscale gifting services, gaining you access to luxury gifts from highly sought-after brands. We develop gift programs that fit your event and budget. 

You can provide sponsors with an immersive brand experience, where they can select a gift from Bose, Filson, Patagonia, or one of our other brand partners. We can create onsite or virtual interactive experiences with a single brand or multiple brands based on the custom gift catalog we curate for you. 

Sponsors deserve more than a “Thank you.” That’s why with Global Evento you can offer access to in-demand products from the tech, travel, food, and apparel industries. We can even arrange for eco-friendly or sustainable gift options based on the event and sponsor demographics.

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Popular Event Sponsor Gifts

Popular gifts come from well-known brands with products people want, like GoPro action cameras and Garmin’s wearable technology. Moleskin packages with Ncoded technology or a money tree plant are popular ways to offer a gift that the sponsor can then use at the office or share with staff.

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The North Face

ECO ThermoBall The North Face Men’s & Women’s



Golf Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf Club Travel Cover


Tumi Alpha Large Laptop Cover


Coleman Stainless Steel 54 QT Cooler

Mini Projector and Projection Screen

150_ Mini Projector with Bluetooth and 120_ Projection Screen


Zwilling Pro 14 Piece Knife Set”


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

How to Select the Perfect Event Sponsor Gifts

Sponsors play such an important part in the success of your event that it might be hard to think of a gift equal to that value and support. Global Evento lets you offer more than the item itself. We let you provide the gifts of quality and choice.

Top-Quality: Brands

A high-quality gift shows the value you put on your relationship with your sponsors. The gift’s quality acts as a positive reminder of your event and their experience working with your team. The sponsor also receives an added benefit—the satisfaction that their sponsorship is authentically acknowledged and appreciated.

Customization: Custom Event Sponsor Gifts Options

The best gifts are tailored to the specific interests of the sponsor, but people are different. One sponsor may prize tech gifts, while another prefers outdoor gear. Global Evento lets you provide a custom gift experience. Feature tech gifts like an Amazon HD tablet or Garmin smartwatch, or highlight outdoor products from Filson, Patagonia, and High Sierra. Offer a mix of gift basket packages for the office or apparel for their sponsorship staff. They pick a gift that brings them meaning and value.

An Unforgettable Experience: Scaling the Event Sponsor Gifts with a Website

Your sponsors helped your event become a memorable experience. Why not show your appreciation with an experience too? We create custom websites that offer an interactive virtual shopping trip. The websites are personalized to your event and brand, so they feel like an extension of your business. Websites reach sponsors around the globe and let them choose a gift that suits them.

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After a free consultation, we get to work curating gift options based on the sponsors’ demographics. Tech, gourmet cookware, apparel, or travel gifts are all options that could fill your custom gift list. Our staff can set up onsite or create a custom website. With either option, we take care of wrapping, packaging, and shipping the gifts. 

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Yes. We handle all of our client’s international needs. From shipping to customs declarations, we are experienced with overseas gifting and are here to help.

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