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Events bring people together, strengthen corporate relationships, and open new doors with potential clients. But how do you make sure attendees remember those connections—a stellar event gift bag.

Global Evento offers luxury gift programs for corporate events, both small and large. A gift bag filled with items from memorable brands like Bose, Filson, or YETI offers a tangible connection to the event. In some cases, the bag itself could be the event gift, especially if it comes from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, or Oliver Thomas. The product and brand quality reflect the value you put on your attendees.

Our connections to hundreds of in-demand name brand products give you access to options you may not have known would fit in your budget. We provide access, guide you through the selection process, and handle the logistics and fulfillment. You get to focus on your event.

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Popular Event Gift Bags

Popular gifts come from brands people love and secretly (or not so secretly) covet. Fitness gurus may enjoy a Lululemon yoga mat or apparel, while Bose may have what you need for an event filled with tech experts.

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PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer_Wireless Charger

Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz Wool Tote Bag (Various Colors)

Golf Travel Cover

Bag Boy Golf Club Travel Cover


Tumi Alpha Large Laptop Cover

John Hardy

John Hardy Bamboo Silver Bracelet


Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace


Bose-SoundLink® Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

How to Select the Right Event Gifting Bags

We take a three-step approach to finding that perfect gift. It’s bringing the quality products, personalizing the selection process, and managing a scalable gift solution.

Top-Quality: Brands

High-quality, in-demand products that fit with the event’s theme and attendee interests will please, excited, and bring them back for more. Gifting with Global Evento goes well beyond a branded pencil and notebook. However, if you want something along those traditional lines, we can upgrade to a gift bag that includes a Moleskine notebook and pen outfitted with Ncoded technology to turn notes into digital documents.

Customization: Custom Event Gift Bags Options

We offer programs that customize gift bag options. Our staff can curate a brand experience with Nike, YETI, Tumi, and other luxe brands, allowing your attendees to pick their gift from a brand-specific selection. You can also branch out and offer several high-quality items, but the key is to offer the gift of choice. Suddenly, that gift goes from thoughtful to authentically personal.

An Unforgettable Experience: Scaling the Event Gift Bags with a Website

Events have changed. They may be in-person, virtual, or a mix of both. Scale the event gift bags to fit the ongoing changes in corporate life with a virtual gift experience. We offer custom gift websites where attendees can log in, choose their gift bag, and have it delivered to their home.

Event Gift Bags FAQs

We work with brands in a wide range of industries, including those with eco-friendly and sustainable gift options. We can also arrange for give-back options with local charities to spread the goodwill beyond the event.

Prices vary because we create custom gift options and packages based on your needs. Gifting requires strict attention to detail. When you’re running an event, that’s a whole set of details you get to hand over to us, from guiding attendees through the selection to wrapping, packaging, and shipping.

Many of our partners and programs offer international options. Our custom websites let event goers log in from almost anywhere to pick their gift bag and have it shipped to their door. We even take care of shipping and customs and declarations for you.

Every experience starts with a free consultation. From there, we curate the gift selection based on your feedback and design a website that fits with the look and feel of the event. Recipients get login information, browse on their timelines, and choose a gift that speaks to them.

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