Custom Built Corporate
Gifting Websites

Give your customers the ability to select gifts at their own leisure with a fully customizable gifting website. Never has it been so easy to show your appreciation for the people you value most. Our websites are brandable, easy to navigate, secure and convenient.

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Global Evento’s gift giving websites let you cross county lines, state borders and continents to reach customers from the comfort of your office or home.

Receiving a thoughtful gesture shows solidarity, lifts spirits and lets your professional circle of colleagues, partners, clients and customers know how much you care.

Gifting Websites

Online Gifting Websites Benefits

– Interactive
Your clients can easily peruse and select from a myriad of personalized gift options

– Cost Effective
Get the most for your customers

– Dependable
We ship all orders safely and on time

– Turnkey
Less stress, more results

– Customizable
Create an online experience that mirrors your brand

Boost Corporate Connection and Communication

Online gifting websites close the distance between you and your business colleagues with a genuine, personalized approach. Upon receiving the unique URL, your business circle can browse and choose a gift at their own pace.

Developing a corporate gifting website is perfect for all events and occasions. Whether you are planning months out or require a quick turnaround, our team will build a site that compliments your mission and message with precision and style.

Use corporate gifting websites for:

  • Holiday Gifting
  • Work Anniversary
  • Goal Completion
  • Birthday Gifts
  • End of Year Celebration
  • Promotion Gifting

Nurturing healthy client, partner, VIP and employee relationships during the years takes effort. Global Evento’s gifting websites are a great solution to show people you appreciate them even if everyone is spread out all over the country or world.

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