Corporate Gift Delivery

Onsite Event Pick-Up

Event attendees find great value and fun experiencing Global Evento’s diverse array of gift options during conferences, work retreats and company events.

If the chosen luxury products are small in size and easy to carry, Global Evento will bring plenty of extras to the event location so everyone can leave with their new gesture in hand.

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Dropship Delivery Convenience

However, it is not often practical for your business attendees to fit their new gifts into their luggage. Without a backup plan in place, their luxury event takeaway can become a hassle.

That is why Global Evento provides dropship delivery for gifts to eliminate the stress of:

  • Lack of suitcase place
  • Paying a penalty fee for exceeding airlines’ luggage weight requirements
  • Customs

With more than 50 years of combined work experience in high-end corporate gifting, Global Evento makes the extra effort to ensure your attendees view their gift as a blessing, not a burden.

When the chosen luxury products are larger, heavy or the event has an international destination, our team can easily manage all shipping details.

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