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Tech Corporate Gifting for Every Personality

It’s a tech-filled world where those immersed in the latest and greatest apps and gadgets long for the next best piece of technology. Whether you’re the company that thrives off tech or your clients are, we help you with tech corporate gifts that impress. 

Technology changes fast, but the best brands stay on top of development and quality. To gift that tech lets your clients know that you, too, are relevant, cutting edge, and in-tune with their needs. That gift also creates an emotional point of contact to remind them of you each time they touch, see, or use the gift. 

Global Evento gives you the options and ability to choose highly sought-after tech gifts through our connections with top national and international brands. We do more than provide a gateway to great tech gifts. We work to create an experience your clients won’t forget.

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Popular Tech Corporate Gifts

Luxury brands like Bose, Sony, Dyson, and GoPro continue to revolutionize their tech niches. Whether it’s a smartwatch or noise-canceling headphones, gifts from these brands appeal to the gamers, outdoor enthusiasts, and fitness gurus who use tech in their daily life.

Garmin Vivofit 4

Garmin Vivofit 4



Crosley Turntable

Crosley Radios Cruiser Deluxe Turntable


Garmin Inreach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator and GPS Navigator


Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700


Samsung 75 Inch LED Flat 4K UHD Television



Crosley Turntable

Crosley Turntable Bermuda

How to Select the Right Tech Gift

Selecting a gift can be overwhelming. Global Evento takes the overwhelm off of your shoulders and guides you through the process to the perfect gifts. We start with quality then customize to help you reach your clients at a scale that works for your business and clientele.

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Quality Matters: Powerful Brands Offer Meaningful Gifts

Global Evento always starts with quality name brands. GoPro action cameras and video-editing software or wearable tech from Garmin have proved their quality. The gift’s quality instantly communicates how much you value your client, partner, or employee.

Personalize It: Custom Tech Corporate Gift Options

Customization shows attention to detail and a genuine value of the relationship you share with the receiver of the gift. We allow you to customize the gifting options and, in some cases, offer branding opportunities, too. A custom gift website for your company allows clients to choose their own gift, creating a personal experience that strengthens their connection to you.

Provide an Experience: Scaling Tech Corporate Gifts with a Website

An experience makes a gift opportunity truly memorable. Global Evento’s custom gifting websites let you scale the experience to your clientele, partners, or employee base. We tailor the look, feel, and gift options to your brand and company goals. Anyone with the right log in information can choose a gift that brings meaning to them.

Tech Gifting FAQs

We’ve developed working relationships with top national and international brands. Choose from a list of tech gadgets that enhance productivity, relaxation, or connection with friends and family. You can adapt the gift options based on the clients, so the gifts blend who you are as a company with the client’s mission and goals.

Prices vary but can range from around $100 to $500 or anywhere in between. However, we work with you to find high-quality tech gifts that work with your budget and clientele.

Our custom websites open your gifting abilities to the world. National and international partners and clients can log in from anywhere to choose a gift. Oceans and borders aren’t barriers for your business, nor are they barriers to your goodwill.

We consult and work with you to create a custom website that fits your brand and clientele, as well as curate the right gifts. You share the login information, and from there, each person chooses their gift. Don’t worry about shipping or fulfillment. That’s all on us.

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