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Corporate gifts offer a professional ‘thank you’ or courtesy while creating a future touchpoint between you and your client. But when you take the time (and expense) for a high-end corporate gift, the “high-end” factor captures the client’s attention and loyalty. These are the kinds of gifts that bring real value and luxury to everyday life. 

The trick is finding the right high-end corporate gift. A gift basket that says luxury and pampering to one person may seem useless to another. We offer high-end corporate gift options that fit different industries and interests, with items, baskets, and experiences for use while traveling, around the office, or at home. 


The right gift connects your brand and services with the client on a personal level. Every time they see, use, or taste the gift, their mind goes back to you. They know they’re sincerely valued, strengthening the ties they have to your brand.

corporate gifts at a corporate gifting event by global evento

Popular High-End Corporate Gifts

High-end corporate gifts come from recognizable brands and products, like Garmin’s smartwatches and YETI’s coolers and tumblers.

Portable Alexa

Portable Alexa Voice-Controlled Wireless Speaker


Fossil Logan RFID Zip Around Clutch Brown

ECO ThermoBall

ECO ThermoBall The North Face Men’s _ Women’s


UGG Ana Kita Blanket

Virtual Gifting Websites

Virtual Gifting Websites


Waterford Markham Square Decanter and Glasses


Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

Selecting the Perfect High-end Gift

We’ve cultivated connections and relationships with top name brands to provide an impressive array of high-end gift options. We offer versatile ways to curate and choose gifts that bring meaning to your clients while staying in-line with your brand.

Let Quality Speak for Itself: Brands That Mean Business

High-end gifts come from respected brands with a reputation for delivering on their promises. Imagine your client opening a gift from Bose, Le Creuset, Dyson, Nikon, GoPro, or Tumi. The brand quality speaks for itself and you.

Customize It: Custom High-End Corporate Gift Options

Custom high-end corporate gifts go above and beyond expectations. What does custom mean exactly? It means looking at your clients as individuals rather than as a whole. Outdoor adventurers may covet a portable espresso maker, while banking or business partners may love an Amazon HD tablet. With Global Evento, you can customize gifting options so your clients know they’re heard, seen, and valued.

Provide an Experience: Scaling High-End Corporate Gifts with a Website

Global Evento lets you do more than send a gift basket. We help you create an experience your clients won’t forget. We create custom corporate gift websites so that your clients can choose their own gifts from a curated selection made by you. It makes gifting an experience and lets you scale to reach a national or global clientele.

Premium Corporate Gifting FAQs

Global Evento offers free consultations to identify the best options for you based on your business, clientele, and gifting needs. You can choose travel, household, technology, or accessory and apparel gifts as well as industry-specific options too.

High-end corporate gifts come in a wide price range. Name brand items and gift baskets typically fall in the $50 to $200 range, with the average coming in around $100. However, we work with you to develop a gifting package that works within your budget and the product brands you choose.

Our custom gifting websites let clients from around the world choose their gifts. We design the website, work with you to curate the gifts, and take care of the packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world.

Virtual high-end corporate gifting experiences revolve around a custom website made to fit your brand and clientele. Custom website designs incorporate your logo, mission, and style to fit your brand. Your clients choose the gift basket, cooler, watch, or any other gift you’ve approved, and we take care of packaging, shipping, and delivery.

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