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A corporate logo gift is an ideal way to make sure your colleagues, clients, and business partners remember you. Global Evento does corporate logo gifts a little differently. Not only do we provide luxury logo gifts from the top brands in the world, we can build branded gifting experiences (online or in person). We go far beyond a branded pen, sending a luxury corporate logo gift that is actually remembered.  Your company name branded on a top-quality item is a fantastic way to say your company stands behind the services you provide and value your business creates.

At Global Evento, we’re a certified gifting supplier. We’re proud to source from trusted brands you already know and respect from the United States and around the globe. When you use our services, you can put your logo on a well-made luxury item. It’s a thoughtful way to leave a lasting impression,  made even more thoughtful by the way many of our brand partners use sustainable materials and participate in charitable giving.

corporate gifts at a corporate gifting event by global evento

Popular Corporate Logo Gift Selections

We’re always adding new items to our impressive portfolio of high-quality items. You can count on the best selection of upscale products when you browse our gifting portfolio. You can rest assured that your logo will be on a durable and stylish item your recipient will truly appreciate. So upgrade from branded t-shirts and let us help you create beautiful corporate logo gifts from Patagonia and other top brands including:

Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler with Logo

Corkicle Wine Canteen

Corkicle Wine Canteen

Paddle Board

Lightpoint Stand Up Paddle Board

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Logo Speaker

Logo Speaker




Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch

Glass Cup

Branded Glass Cup

How to Select the Perfect Gifts with Your Logo

Raise Quality: Brands

Make it Custom: Custom corporate logo gifts  options

Provide an Experience: Scaling Thoughtful  corporate logo gifts with a Website

Corporate Logo Gift FAQs

We’ll help you select the right items to put your corporate logo on. You can browse our catalog to find the items that best represent your brand. We can match you with items that create thoughtful branded gifts. We work with luxury brands that create durable and unique items that you’ll be proud to put your logo on. When you use Global Evento, you won’t just be giving an item with your corporate logo displayed on it, you’ll be lifting a  stylish item your recipients will reach for over and over.

We can create corporate logo gifts for every business and every budget. We’ll work with you and help you select the right items for memorable corporate logo gifts small or large.  To get more information on prices and options, Give us a call at (888) 803-3117 or send us an email today.

Yes. At Global Evento, half of our gifting programs are designed for international clients, so we have the experience you need for a high-quality international gifting experience. You can leave the details to us when it comes to international gifting. We’ll handle the gift delivery, international shipping, and customs declarations.  You might even be able to save on some of the cost when you select a corporate logo gift from  our wide selection of international brands.

For a virtual experience, we can create a personalized gifting website for you. Your unique site will feature the corporate logo gifts you’ve selected. Your recipients will be able to browse the site and choose their own gifts. You can use your site as a standalone gifting experience or supplement an onsite corporate logo gift experience for desired recipients who were unable to attend. 

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