Corporate Gifts for Clients

Send the Best Gift to Your Clients

Corporate gifts for clients are a symbol of gratitude, goodwill, and excellent taste, a touchpoint between you and your prospective and existing clients. Gifts create connections between more than just companies. They encourage the development of strong relationships between people. 

A corporate gift is a personalized appreciation for existing clients and a way to shake up first impressions with your most valuable prospective clients. More than 82% of clients stop doing business because of a poor customer experience. Set out to do the opposite. Your clients are begging you to sweep them off their feet with an extraordinary customer experience.

Remember that corporate gifts present a chance to spark unforgettable feelings. When you work with Global Evento, don’t expect a fruit basket or a canvas tote because we are here to invite lasting memories and long-lasting relationships. These are quality, high-value gifts from luxury luggage to sought-after name brand sunglasses, bags, and headphones. If the occasion calls for more than a gift, we can design an experience using a gifting package, overseas adventure, a gifting website, or live broadcasting event. When you show your clients you care, it builds the loyalty that brings them back again and again.

corporate gifts at a corporate gifting event by global evento

Popular Corporate Gifting for Clients

We’ve built a history of partnerships with top brands to provide high-quality luxury gifts. Gifting options come from a wide range of industries, including travel, tech, and household goods. A few popular favorites include:

Portable Alexa

Portable Alexa Voice-Controlled Wireless Speaker


Fossil Logan RFID Zip Around Clutch Brown

Swarovski Business Card Holder

Swarovski Business Card Holder





Mini Projector and Projection Screen

150_ Mini Projector with Bluetooth and 120_ Projection Screen


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

ECO ThermoBall

ECO ThermoBall The North Face Men’s  Women’s

How to Select the Perfect Corporate Gifts for Your Clients

The best way to select the right corporate gift for a client is to work with a professional who organizes client gifts for a living. The pain points that get unraveled in our initial calls with event managers are not just around the delivery of corporate gifts, but that every client is different. Different industries, company values, and cultures influence the type of gift that speaks to each person on an individual level. Your clients could feel overlooked by a one-size-fits-all gift. We help you tailor your gifting for a diverse range of clientele so that each one gets an experience that helps them feel seen, heard, and valued. 

Raise Quality: Brands Bring Luxury, Personality, and Value

Gifts from well-known, respected brands build excitement and create a memorable connection between you and the client. Think about the last time you received a gift with real value. Every time you think about it or look at it, you remember where it came from. When that gift comes from you, it acts as a reminder of the thought and intent of a company that cares.

Make it Custom: Custom Client Gifting Options

Custom corporate gifts for clients let you address clients on an individual level—travel gifts for the adventurous frequent flyers, workout gear for outdoor enthusiasts, or tech gifts for the clients who are always on the lookout for the next upgrade. Customize it to the industry, company demographics, or location. 

Provide an Experience: Scaling Client Gifts with a Website

We can create a custom-built corporate website that does more than showcase gifts. It creates a branded experience. Clients from all over the world can pick gifts that speak to them personally. You provide the opportunity, and they get a memory that brings them back to your funnel. Under more close-knit circumstances, live broadcasting gift experiences are more appropriate. In those cases, we’ll set you up from start to finish for a perfectly run virtual gifting event with your clients.

Corporate Client Gifting FAQs

Think about the kind of merchandise you need on the road. Luxury luggage by Tumi, noise-canceling headphones by Bose, or coolers, cups, and bags by YETI give your clients gear to take them to local or international destinations.

We can help you create a gifting solution that fits the demographics, income level, location, and personal interests of your clients. We create the experience, procure the gifts, and do the shipping, saving you time and, by way of our partnerships, money in the process.

We offer clients the ability to send international client gifts with ease. Clients can also purchase via a gifting website, where they receive their login code and choose their gift. There are no boundaries or limitations based on states, provinces, countries, or continents. We take care of the packaging and shipping, too.

The client receives a carefully curated invitation with the URL and then browses through the custom website developed specifically for your current style and mission. Clients can browse the options and pick a gift. We take care of shipping and handling so you can focus on your clients.

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