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When you’re searching for the right way to show clients, colleagues, business partners, and channel partners that you appreciate them, a corporate gift set is an ideal option. A corporate gift set allows you to create a unique and memorable gifting experience. Rather than a single item, a gift set lets you give multiple thoughtful tokens. You can make sure your respects truly treasure a corporate gift set when you include luxury items. Keep in mind that top-quality gifts represent the high-quality output of your company and show your clients that you value their business. 

Global Evento is a certified gifting supplier. We source from top American brands and internationally renowned brands from across the world. The gifts in our portfolio are incredibly stylish and many are sustainable. We also have a focus on charitable giving. When you use our services, you can select thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime and that will make a positive impact on both the recipients and your wider community.

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Popular Corporate Gift Sets

We have an impressive portfolio of luxury items that will make for memorable corporate gift baskets. We’re always working to expand our portfolio and bring you the very best in upscale items. When it comes to corporate gift sets, we offer a wide range of choices. Consider a soothing skincare set from Round Barn Apothecary or choose the crowd-pleasing gift of a Starbucks coffee gift set. Our corporate gift sets have something for everyone including:

Pizza Party

Pizza Party


Jura – Capresso PRO JURA

Le Crueset

Le Crueset Cookware Bakeware Set

Gift Basket

Premier Luxury Gift Basket

Cuisinart Hurricane

Cuisinart Hurricane Juicing Blender


Brumate Winesulator + 2 Uncorked Wine Tumblers


Fossil Grant Light Brown Men’s Watch


Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant Necklace

How to Select the Perfect Corporate Gift Sets on Behalf of Your Company

A gift that’s perfect for one client may not be the right choice for another. At Global Evento, we understand the value that choice adds to a gifting experience. We help you curate a gift selection tailored to your clients and fits within your company values. We bring quality brands, add customization, and make it all memorable.

Raise Quality: Brands

Make it Custom: Custom corporate gift sets  options

Provide an Experience: Scaling Thoughtful  corporate gift sets with a Website

Corporate Gift Sets FAQs

Global Evento services will help you select the right items for your corporate gift set. We can match with your right items to create thoughtful gift sets that represent your brand and that your clients, partners, or colleagues are sure to love. Our corporate gift sets are always high quality and always appreciated.

You’ll be able to choose your gifts from our portfolio of luxury brands. We’ve done the work for you, making sure our portfolio is filled with durable and stylish items from internationally acclaimed brands. You can trust the items in our portfolio and feel confident in your selection and gift set creation.

Your budget will help us design the right corporate gift set for you. We can work with any budget and any company, large or small. Our gift sets can include a  few thoughtful everyday items, an array of high-end gifts, or whatever combination of items best suits your needs. Give us a call at (888) 803-3117 or email us for more information.

We can. We can handle every detail of an international gifting event. You can leave worries like customs declarations and international shipping fees to us. In fact, our international brand choices might  be able to help you save on some of those costs. Half our gift programs serve international clients, so we’re experts at international gifting. We can even take care of the onsight delivery of your corporate gift sets.

Global Evento can create a personalized gifting website for your corporate gift sets. Rather than receive their gift sets in person, your recipients can browse the site. They’ll be able to choose their own gift set from the items you’ve selected. You can use the website as your primary gifting source, or use it alongside a gifting event so that clients who were unable to attend can still receive a luxury gift set.

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