Branded Corporate Gifts

Do Branded Gifts Differently This Year

Branded corporate gifts offer a sense of goodwill and gratitude. Branded gifts give a subtle reminder of who you are and what your brand stands for. Now imagine that reminder on high-end or luxury items your client can’t wait to use. At Global Evento, we connect businesses with top name brands, creating unforgettable gifting options they can select from. 

Luxury items branded with your name play dual roles. They show your appreciation with sought-after name brand products that carry the brand’s weight and reputation. Gifting these items lets your clients, partners, or employees know the value you place on your relationship. 

The premium branded corporate gifts we provide also remind the person of your brand and how they felt when the gift arrived—surprised, excited, and appreciated. It’s an emotional point of contact with your name and/or logo on it.

corporate gifts at a corporate gifting event by global evento

Popular Branded Corporate Gifts

If your delivery requires the wow factor for a very important client, employee or partner, a standard branded gift won’t do. We can tailor to price point and personality, executing at the highest level. That’s what Global Evento offers—access to high-end, sophisticated branded gifts and even experiences. Send a branded travel gift from Yeti or Garmin or offer up individual incentive travel with a branded set of travel gifts waiting for them at their hotel in Paris. There are no bounds to the branded gift experiences we can deliver or curate.  


Yeti Rambler with Logo


Corkicle Wine Canteen


Lightpoint Stand Up Paddle Board

Scented Candles

Branded Scented Candles

Snack Bag

Branded Snack Bag


Airpods with Logo

Virtual Gifting Websites

Virtual Gifting Websites

Rtic Cooler

Rtic Cooler with Logo

How to Select the Perfect Branded Corporate Gift

The perfect corporate gift starts with your brand and ends with the individual preferences of your audience. The gift should first and foremost fit within your company mission and the services you provide. After that, it’s about subtle communication through brand quality, customization, and the ability to reach your base at scale.

Quality Brings Value: Brands Worth Remembering

Global Evento connects you with well-known brands from around the world. High Sierra, Rocketbook, and Moleskine carry a reputation for quality. Add your branding, and your name goes to business meetings, events, and adventures all over the world. The quality brings real value to the gift’s receiver but continues to offer branding value for you for its entire lifespan.

Make It Custom: Custom Branded Corporate Gift Options

Global Evento lets you customize your gifts to a holiday, company celebration, or the lifestyle of your audience. Our connections reach into brands across industries, with branding opportunities that associate you with some of the most well-known tech, apparel, and travel brands in the world. 

Design an Experience: Scaling Branded Corporate Gifts with a Website

We create custom gifting websites that are more than a virtual destination; they’re a fully branded gift experience. Receivers get the website’s login information to reach across borders and continents without leaving the office. We help you curate the gifts, and you get to leave the packaging and shipping to us.

Branded Gifting FAQs

Start with a free consultation. Our consultants can help you develop an on-site event, custom website, or custom gifting program based on your budget and audience. We’ll go over your branded gifting options, making sure to account for the demographics, income level, location, and personal interests of those you want to gift.

Individual gifts can start as low as $50 and go as high as $500. The price for branded corporate gifts varies by the item, brand, and the breadth of the package. We work with our brand partners to offer top quality items at a reasonable cost. 

Our custom websites know no borders. Clients, partners, and employees from around the world can log in, choose their gift, and we take care of the packaging and shipping.

In a word—amazing. We create a custom website based on your company goals, mission, and brand. A customized gift catalog uniquely tailored to your audience creates a shopping experience worth remembering. Then, we wrap and ship packages, so they arrive on time without you lifting a finger. 

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