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Top 5 Corporate Gift Trends for 2023

2023-01-31T14:15:05-06:00By |

Finding a gift that leaves a lasting impression can seem impossible between a never-ending list of brands to choose from and a million different ways you can deliver it. In 2023, choosing a gift will mean more than selecting the next best thing. Corporations are looking to implement their values in [...]

Life at 6,000 Feet

2020-04-30T10:25:21-05:00By |

It is hard to believe that we are already a month into the new decade. The Global Evento team has hit the ground running as we expand our product portfolio and prepare for the upcoming travel. I have officially been living in Sun Valley, Idaho for about a month now and [...]

Adventures Into Gifting

2020-04-30T10:28:52-05:00By |

Greetings! I am Vanessa Nawn and as of November of 2019, I am a new addition to Global Evento. As a recent graduate from The Ohio State University in August, I was searching for a career that blended my experience and passion for sustainability and business. Along came the adventure of [...]

Kohler Chocolates

2020-04-30T10:20:51-05:00By |

Life’s simple pleasures make people happy. That’s why Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates make the best gifts for everyone. Lovingly handmade in Kohler, Wisconsin, our gourmet chocolates take flavors and textures to a new level of deliciousness with taste sensations to please every palate. Simplify holiday gift giving for corporate clients by [...]

Did You Know? Holiday Gifts

2020-04-30T10:19:52-05:00By |

Did you know? 1.  Gift giving is stressful work. The majority (36.7%) of people surveyed actually find the pressure of finding the right gift a little time consuming. 2.  A surprising 11% of men skip buying gifts altogether because of stress related procrastinating. That’s sad and Global Evento can help! 3.  No one really [...]

Did You Know? Lululemon

2020-04-30T10:18:28-05:00By |

Did you know? 1.  That the logo of Lululemon is a stylized A.  It was a reference to "Athletically Hip" which is reportedly the originally company name. 2.  The primary fabric found in the products is luon.  It is 86% nylon and 14% lycra.  It is trademarked by the brand and [...]

Did You Know? Running of the Bulls

2020-04-30T10:16:37-05:00By |

Did you know? 1.  There is no difference between the Running of the Bulls and the San Fermin Festival.  The international, English name of the festival is Running of the Bulls. The official Spanish name is Sanfermin (all one word). 2.  Each year, the city hosts 1,000,000 participants over the week 3.  The average bull clocks in [...]

Did You Know? Global Evento 1 Year Anniversary

2020-04-30T10:15:17-05:00By |

Did you know that Global Evento just celebrated 1 year? 1. We operated programs in 18 states, 14 time zones and fulfilled gifting experiences to 34 countries! 2. We flew over 80,000 miles...which is 8 times more than we drove the Airstream around the country. 3. We can provide gifting services in [...]

Did You Know? Havaianas Sandals

2020-04-30T10:14:06-05:00By |

Did you know that.... 1. The name Havaianas is Portuguese for Hawaiians. 2. The ’98 World Cup birthed one of Havaianas best selling and notable styles—the “Brasil”. To celebrate the ‘98 World Cup, Havaianas launched a style with a small Brazilian flag on the strap which soon became an object of desire internationally. [...]

Did You Know? Mexico

2020-04-30T10:04:47-05:00By |

Did you know that.... 1. When you think of pyramids, does Egypt come to mind? What about Mexico? According the Guinness Book of Records,  the world's largest pyramid and the largest monument ever constructed is the Great Pyramid of Cholula located in Puebla, Mexico. 2. Americans celebrate Cinco De Mayo more than their [...]