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Please review the most commonly asked questions we receive from clients.
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A: At Global Evento we will always save you time and in most cases save you money. So in that way, our services are always free.

A: Global Evento does not have a brand catalog. Share your vision with us and we will develop a personalized gifting experience or catalog to meet your unique goals.
A: Fifty percent of our programs are international. Global Evento can handle everything from shipping, customs declaration of products and gift distribution on site. Whatever you need, we can handle it. Global Evento also has premier access to products from various countries and can save you money on customs and shipping.
A: Name brands like Bose, Dyson, Tumi and YETI have a lot of brand value in the eyes of your guests. We can do a gift gallery experience with multi brands so people have options. Global Evento can also do a custom shoe experience, sunglasses experience and even a Nespresso Coffee experience. The possibilities are truly endless.
A: We are able to drop-ship anywhere in the United States and even around the world.
A: While we don’t recommend this, we can work with your team to make the experience top-level. Global Evento will get everything sent to the selected destination, set up a time to educate your staff gifts and then handle all the backend operations. Global Evento will make your company and the experience look outstanding.
A: Global Evento can generate custom virtual gifting websites to meet your goals. They can be used as a standalone gifting experience or shared with guests who were unable to attend your corporate event.
A: We love organizing pre-event mailers. Tell us where you are hosting your next business event and we will provide concepts to get your guests excited about the upcoming destination.
A: Global Evento sources wonderful brands that maintain a great give-back/sustainability focus. We also enjoy partnering with companies to donate sample products to a local charity.
A: Of course! Global Evento does not have a minimum cap. From five to 5,000, we will work with any size group.
A: Don’t forget holiday gifts and care/wellness packages for your best customers and employees. Global Evento will handle the procurement of the gifts, get them boxed, print the note and get it all shipped.

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